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TR3 Services

- A Company Profile

Since our inception in 2005, we have been installing and maintaining highly efficient geothermal energy systems that perform heating and cooling functions and hot water on demand for residential, commercial and industrial applications. We take our place, as an emerging industry leader, in the race to build a greener, more eco-sustainable, tomorrow. We have built strategic alliances with suppliers and other industry leaders to supply the most efficient, reliable and cost effective geothermal installations. 

Our services include:

  • Single bid specification contract installation or full design build contract.
  • Design build district energy geothermal systems to meet project load requirements through our partnerships for any green design. This can include universities, primary or secondary schools, commercial offices, residential high rises, low rise condominiums, multi-residential townhomes, single family residential, poultry and dairy operations, winery and distillery applications.
  • Energy exchange systems, using either ocean loop, lake loop, vertical bore or horizontal ground design.
  • Full servicing and repairs for any size geothermal installation.
  • HDPE pipe installations for mining, landfill gas recapture, civil water works and technician services.
  • Hybrid systems using new solar technology to operate in conjunction with our geothermal installation design, bettering the applications for our clients.

The future for green technology is now and TR3 Geothermal is positioned at the forefront of that technology.

Our mission statement:

To Reduce green house gases

To Reuse the free energy available

To utilize a Renewable energy source



TR3 Services Inc

Tel: 604.309.2487

Email: Customer Service

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